AI/ML framework that every video security network needs.

The process of how an organisation controls access, implements policy and tracks activity of models and their results.

A set of guidelines & processes that advise on the design and outcomes of AI/ML.

The technical processes for testing the behaviour of algorithms guided by a regulatory framework.

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Smart AI Connect provides the fusion of:

  • i-PRO AI edge-capable IP security cameras
  • AI/ML model developed by third-parties or i-PRO
  • Video management systems
  • IoT data platforms for centralisation of information

These systems can be unified for a variety of Smart applications that are being adopted by government departments, local governments for smart cities, healthcare providers, transportation and logistics companies.

No matter who you are, we’ve got what you need.

Business User

Wants to use AI models on cameras to gather business data. A bureaucrat who wants to count people in an area, or a hospital administrator who wants to monitor patient equipment, or it could be security officer who wants alerts of unruly behaviour from an area.

Gina Mellow, Manager of Parks & Recreation


Physically installs cameras, configures them, installs the VMS system and the AI software. Is responsible for patching software and firmware, and currently responsible for deploying AI models onto cameras. Is responsible for hardware, software and configuration.

Dan Billson, Star IT Security Systems

Technical Officer

Is responsible for running, managing and using the VMS system and AI model environment. Is responsible for hardware and software performance of the cameras.

Stephen Gills, Technical Officer


Oversees compliance of data and AI regulations of the organisation.

Rodger Bicks, IT Department


Responsible for IT infrastructure of the organisation.

Bill Jackson, CIO/CTO

Model Builder

Builds AI/ML models and wants to run them on cameras under contract with organisation (could be for commercial purposes, or for research/educational purposes).

Dr Jane Western, Cloud University, Department of Robotics

Smart AI Connect has been a great partner to us and I personally cannot be more grateful.

Partnering with Smart AI Connect to develop our edge AI video framework has been very rewarding for both parties. Smart guys, great solution.

Steve Woodyatt

CEO – Datarwe

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