SmartAIConnect was formed in 2021 in recognition of the developing need to manage data and the impact of Artificial Intelligent (AI) applications on every aspect of the modern world. SmartAIConnect is developing a framework for the interoperability of AI data, governance, ethics and quality assurance of video camera edge AI model management at scale.

SmartAIConnect brings together a core group of partners with complementary capabilities to facilitate the deployment of AI models to edge video security IP cameras. This key partnership with KJR, Datarwe and i-PRO (previously Panasonic) provides a fusion of systems for AI model applications on edge video security camera devices including the merging and monitoring of data interoperability, security, ethics and governance.

KJR is a well respected software assurance and security provider with over 80 staff Australia wide. Datarwe is developing a health database for applications to enhance healthcare with more than 20 staff across Australia. i-PRO (previously Panasonic) is one of the worlds largest suppliers of IP cameras to the security industry and is the leading manufacturer worldwide for AI Edge capable cameras.

In collaboration with these partners SmartAIConnect is in the unique position to draw upon the expertise of each company to provide an end-to-end solution for AI model implementation on video security IP cameras.

Our Mission

We help our clients implement business continuity and safe AI for their security camera networks.

The SmartAIConnect Responsible AI Framework supports organisations and project teams utilising AI for video security networks. It enables comprehensive analysis and documentation of AI deployments on AI cameras. Additionally, it helps project teams implement risk mitigation strategies and establish clear governance and accountability measures. Finally, the framework facilitates the interoperability of interference data from the cameras to other internal or external systems.

Trusted by market-leading & key industry AI companies.

Our Values.

To establish a clear and transparent AI framework inside an organisations security camera network with i-PRO that is secure and accountable.


Meet the Team.

Matt Clayworth


Dr Kelvin Ross


Christine Lane


Christopher Lane


John FitzGerald


Clarence Tan

Strategic Innovation Advisor

Tim Chandler

Strategic Advisor and Company Representative, USA

Daniel Talbot

Global Business (Partner) Manager

Dr Stephanie Chaousis

Health Technology Ethics (Partner) Advisor

Jeevan Gnanam

Research & Development Advisor

Dr Nigel Sim

Enterprise Architect

Mark Pedersen

Software Assurance & Ethics Advisor

Stan Potums

AI Compliance & MLOps Engineer

Adrian Ugray

Senior Software Developer

Tarynt Dinsmore (Taz)

Senior Software Developer

Matthew Lee

Software Engineer

Yan Qian

AI Developer

Andrew Jager

Finance Accountant

Tim Moloney

Business Analyst

Will Lutz

Partner Program Manager, Software Engineer

Sheemal Visun

HR Manager

Nadeesha Chandrasena

Business Analyst, Smart Cities and Product Manager

Chris Kelly



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