AI Hoon Detection

The AI model is a highly efficient object detection system specifically trained to recognise various vehicles, including standard cars, suspected hooning cars, and those emitting smoke.

AI PPE Detection

This object detection model leverages advanced computer vision technology to identify and locate various personal protective equipment (PPE) objects, including hard hats and high visualise vests, versus individuals wearing no PPE.

AI Slip and Fall Detection

The slip and fall detection model is an advanced computer vision system that enhances safety in public places. It utilises powerful machine learning algorithms to detect slip and fall incidents in real-time, accurately identifying the direction of the fall and determining whether the person has fallen or is in the process of slipping or tripping.

AI Privacy Guard

This feature utilises advanced algorithms to detect and pixelate faces and individuals in camera images. This innovative technology relies on AI processing to identify specific regions of interest, including faces, and then applies pixelation or solid fill to those regions to ensure individual privacy and prevent identification.

AI People

AI people detection by i-PRO can count the number of people within the area of concern, and it can detect human classification by recognising social identification.

AI Vehicle Detection

A cost-effective and efficient way to monitor and manage vehicles in various settings, including parking lots, airports, highways, and other public spaces. It can detect various vehicles, including cars, trucks, buses, and motorcycles.


AI-VMD extension software for the new AI engine camera series detects intruders, loitering, object direction, or if an individual has crossed a line. The cameras actively read the scene and uniquely differentiate between cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and people.

AI Face Detection

The i-PRO AI Face Detection camera app represents a significant leap in surveillance and face recognition technology. Its combination of real-time processing, adaptability to challenging conditions, and cost-effectiveness. The primary advantage of the i-PRO camera app lies in its ability to provide high-quality face detection without the need for an expensive face recognition server.

AI Non-mask Detection

Identify individuals not wearing masks in real time. The system offers timely and precise non-mask detection, powered by a sophisticated AI engine, and complemented by the i-PRO Active Guard feature.

AI Occupancy Detection System

Counts the number of people in a specified area and issues an alarm when that number exceeds a set threshold. Information regarding the number of people in the area can be externally output via HTTP or MQTT. This enables the system to monitor and analyse occupancy with unparalleled precision.

AI Processing Relay

This is a sophisticated system designed to streamline and optimise the relay of data across various platforms and devices in real time. While it leverages some principles of AI for efficiency, its primary function revolves around data relay and management. The system, complemented by the i-PRO Active Guard feature, ensures a seamless, timely, and precise data relay process.

AI Scene Change Detection

In surveillance and monitoring, detecting changes in a scene is paramount. Addressing this need, i-PRO has introduced its AI Scene Change Detection system. This state-of-the-art system employs the prowess of Artificial Intelligence to identify alterations or anomalies in a monitored scene in real time. The system offers timely and precise scene change detection, is equipped with a robust AI engine, and is enhanced by the i-PRO Active Guard feature.

AI-VMD/AI People Counting for 360° Fisheye

The i-PRO AI-VMD (Video Motion Detection) and AI People Counting system tailored for 360-degree fisheye cameras offer advanced surveillance capabilities. Leveraging artificial intelligence, it accurately detects motion and counts people within the camera’s panoramic view. This technology enhances.

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