AI Non-mask Detection

Identify individuals not wearing masks in real time. The system offers timely and precise non-mask detection, powered by a sophisticated AI engine, and complemented by the i-PRO Active Guard feature.

About AI Non-mask Detection

The i-PRO Non-mask Detection system offers real-time alerts without the necessity for extensive infrastructure or invasive monitoring. This ensures that the detection process is efficient and respectful of individual privacy. The AI-driven mechanism is adept at identifying faces without masks, even in crowded or complex environments, ensuring consistent reliability.

The applications of the i-PRO Non-mask Detection system are particularly relevant in the current global health scenario. In public spaces, such as shopping malls, transport hubs, and recreational areas, the system can monitor compliance with mask mandates, ensuring public safety. By providing real-time alerts when individuals without masks are detected, establishments can take immediate corrective actions, whether gentle reminders or stricter measures.

Current Version: 1.80

Release Date: 9/01/2024
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