AI Occupancy Detection System

Counts the number of people in a specified area and issues an alarm when that number exceeds a set threshold. Information regarding the number of people in the area can be externally output via HTTP or MQTT. This enables the system to monitor and analyse occupancy with unparalleled precision.

About AI Occupancy Detection System

A standout feature of the i-PRO Occupancy Detection system is its ability to determine occupancy without requiring extensive infrastructure or intrusive monitoring. This ensures a seamless and non-invasive approach to occupancy detection, making the system efficient and user-friendly. The AI-driven mechanism can accurately detect the presence of individuals, even in complex environments, ensuring reliability in various scenarios.

The applications of the i-PRO Occupancy Detection system are diverse and cater to a range of sectors. The system can monitor workspace utilisation in commercial settings, such as office buildings or factories, ensuring optimal energy usage and space management. By providing real-time data on occupancy, businesses can make informed decisions about heating, lighting, and ventilation, leading to significant energy savings.

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Current Version: 1.80

Release Date: 29/02/2024
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