AI People

AI people detection by i-PRO can count the number of people within the area of concern, and it can detect human classification by recognising social identification.

About AI People

The AI People Detection model identifies and categorizes general features of human faces and clothing based on gender, age, and colour. It can also count the number of people who pass a specified line in a particular direction. It’s important to note that the model doesn’t capture or store any personally identifiable information or images of individuals, so it can’t be used for individual identification.

The AI People counting feature has two functions. The first is Cross Line Counting, which counts the number of people who cross a specified threshold in a specified direction. This feature can be detected using i-PRO Active Guard, a CCTV camera solution that uses AI and provides real-time alerts. The second function is Area Counting, which counts the number of people within a designated area. This feature is often used for queue management purposes.

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Current Version: 1.90

Release Date: 29/02/2024

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