AI Processing Relay

This is a sophisticated system designed to streamline and optimise the relay of data across various platforms and devices in real time. While it leverages some principles of AI for efficiency, its primary function revolves around data relay and management. The system, complemented by the i-PRO Active Guard feature, ensures a seamless, timely, and precise data relay process.

About AI Processing Relay

The i-PRO AI Processing Relay system is engineered to manage vast data streams, ensuring that information is relayed to the right endpoints without delay. Its primary role is to act as a bridge, facilitating swift and efficient data transfer. Whether it’s managing traffic data for smart cities, relaying real-time footage for security and surveillance, synchronizing business data across departments, or ensuring timely healthcare data transfer, the AI Processing Relay stands as a pivotal tool in ensuring data integrity and timeliness.

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Current Version: 1.81

Release Date: 09/01/2024
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i-PRO Co., Ltd.

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