AI Scene Change Detection

In surveillance and monitoring, detecting changes in a scene is paramount. Addressing this need, i-PRO has introduced its AI Scene Change Detection system. This state-of-the-art system employs the prowess of Artificial Intelligence to identify alterations or anomalies in a monitored scene in real time. The system offers timely and precise scene change detection, is equipped with a robust AI engine, and is enhanced by the i-PRO Active Guard feature.

About AI Scene Change Detection

The i-PRO Scene Change Detection system distinguishes itself by providing instantaneous alerts upon detecting significant changes without requiring extensive infrastructure or continuous manual monitoring. This ensures a proactive approach to surveillance, making the system efficient and effective. The AI-driven mechanism is designed to recognise changes even in dynamic or complex environments, ensuring consistent reliability.

The applications of the i-PRO Scene Change Detection system are vast and cater to various sectors. In security settings, such as banks, museums, or high-security zones, the system can monitor for unauthorised alterations, potential breaches, or acts of vandalism. Providing real-time alerts upon detecting changes can initiate immediate corrective or preventive actions.

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Current Version: 1.80

Release Date: 29/02/2024
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