AI-VMD extension software for the new AI engine camera series detects intruders, loitering, object direction, or if an individual has crossed a line. The cameras actively read the scene and uniquely differentiate between cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and people.

About AI VMD

AI-VMD extension software goes beyond traditional video analysis capabilities and is specifically designed to provide advanced detection and warning notifications. With its powerful AI engine, the software can quickly identify and alert users when a specified area is entered, people are loitering, or an object is detected.

The AI-VMD model improves on the already impressive capabilities of I-VMD by leveraging advanced AI algorithms to increase video analysis accuracy. It reduces the occurrence rate of false detections in several identified cases, including swaying trees and plants, shadow and reflection, light, and raindrops. Doing so provides more accurate and reliable alerts, making it an essential tool for enhancing security and improving situational awareness.

Current Version: 3.5

Release Date: 29/02/2024

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i-PRO Co., Ltd.

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