AI Hoon Detection

The AI model is a highly efficient object detection system specifically trained to recognise various vehicles, including standard cars, suspected hooning cars, and those emitting smoke.

AI PPE Detection

This object detection model leverages advanced computer vision technology to identify and locate various personal protective equipment (PPE) objects, including hard hats and high visualise vests, versus individuals wearing no PPE.

AI Slip and Fall Detection

The slip and fall detection model is an advanced computer vision system that enhances safety in public places. It utilises powerful machine learning algorithms to detect slip and fall incidents in real-time, accurately identifying the direction of the fall and determining whether the person has fallen or is in the process of slipping or tripping.

AI Privacy Guard

This feature utilises advanced algorithms to detect and pixelate faces and individuals in camera images. This innovative technology relies on AI processing to identify specific regions of interest, including faces, and then applies pixelation or solid fill to those regions to ensure individual privacy and prevent identification.

AI People

AI people detection by i-PRO can count the number of people within the area of concern, and it can detect human classification by recognising social identification.

AI Vehicle Detection

A cost-effective and efficient way to monitor and manage vehicles in various settings, including parking lots, airports, highways, and other public spaces. It can detect various vehicles, including cars, trucks, buses, and motorcycles.


AI-VMD extension software for the new AI engine camera series detects intruders, loitering, object direction, or if an individual has crossed a line. The cameras actively read the scene and uniquely differentiate between cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and people.

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