SmartAIConnect, in collaboration with local Chempro Chemists, has successfully implemented a groundbreaking project aimed at leveraging AI technology to optimize operations. This strategic partnership has seen the deployment of AI-enabled security cameras at two Chempro Chemist locations, including ChemPro Chemist Q Super Centre Pharmacy in Mermaid Waters, Queensland, Australia.

The primary focus of this initiative is on advanced functionalities such as people counting, demographic analysis, and floor usage monitoring. By utilizing state-of-the-art AI algorithms, these cameras not only ensure robust security but also provide valuable insights into customer behavior and store traffic patterns.

The project outcomes are geared towards achieving several key objectives. Firstly, it aims to identify different client types and analyze their visit patterns over time. This data will be instrumental in driving business growth strategies tailored to meet the evolving needs of customers. Additionally, by gaining a deeper understanding of customer demographics and behavior, Chempro Chemists can enhance the overall customer experience and tailor their services accordingly.
Moreover, the deployment of AI-enabled security cameras will facilitate the optimization of store operations by providing real-time insights into floor usage and traffic flow. This will enable Chempro Chemists to make informed decisions regarding staff allocation, product placement, and store layout, thereby improving operational efficiency and maximizing resources.

Overall, this partnership between SmartAIConnect and Chempro Chemists represents a significant step forward in leveraging cutting-edge technology to not only enhance security but also drive business growth and improve customer satisfaction.

Region: Gold Coast, Australia
Industry: Pharmaceutical

Yarrabilba by Lendlease and Shoreline by Lendlease

Lendlease had a business requirement to count the number of people visiting their facilities, including the sales offices, community developments, shopping centers, and parklands. The data could be used for smart city planning, sales planning, and market research initiatives. SmartAIConnect installed AI-enabled security cameras and the SmartAIConnect Responsible AI Framework to capture edge analytics at the sales office and car park at Yarrabilba by Lendlease and Shoreline by Lendlease.

Region: Queensland, Australia
Industry: Construction, Sales & Marketing, Smart Cities

City of Port Phillip Council

The City of Port Phillip Council is implementing a Visitor and Summer Management Plan to provide a coordinated response to the peak utilization of the Council’s assets and public spaces, aiming to minimize impact and risks. This plan includes the St Kilda Skate Park Webcam and App Service for public use (as per Council resolution), along with separate camera feeds at other locations to inform staff about summer management activities. SmartAIConnect has installed AI-enabled security cameras and the SmartAIConnect Responsible AI Framework to capture edge analytics at various sites: St Kilda Skate Park and Marina Reserve, St Kilda South Beach and Grass Reserve, as well as Sandridge Beach and Reserve.

Region: Victoria, Australia
Industry: Smart Cities

ICU Training Room Camera Project, Mater Hospital (ongoing)

SmartAIConnect and Datarwe are collaborating to develop an AI edge camera-based solution and a governance framework for Mater. The project will record Mater Education simulation training room procedures and collect ‘deidentified’ data, which includes patient positions, personal protective equipment placements, apparatus and equipment arrangements, respiration rates, human movement, and other critical data points. This data will be utilized to create AI models capable of accurately detecting clinically significant objects or actions. This Quality Improvement project aims to evaluate the effectiveness of an AI-enabled framework in precisely tracking clinically relevant data.

Region: Queensland, Australia
Industry: Health Care

Queensland AI Hub

Smart AI Connect has successfully implemented an AI-powered 360-degree surveillance camera at the Queensland AI Hub premises. This initiative embraces a spectrum of aspects, including AI Model Testing, the Demonstration of AI Video Edge Systems, and the commitment to Privacy-Respecting Data Management.

Region: Queensland, Australia
Industry: Research and Innovation

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