We facilitate the deployment of AI models to the edge with focus on iPRO AI cameras.


We enjoy working with a wide variety of business vertical applications.

Smart AI Connect brings together a team of individuals from different vertical applications (Smart City, Health, Transportation, Logistics, etc.) to build a AI framework to deploy applications on i-PRO cameras and provide interoperability of data, security, governance, ethics and assurance of these AI applications.

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Trusted by key industry AI and market leading companies.

Smart AI Connect has been a great partner to us and I personally cannot be more grateful.

Partnering with Smart AI Connect to develop our edge AI video framework has been very rewarding for both parties. Smart guys, great solution.

Steve Woodyatt

CEO – Datarwe

Benefits from the Smart AI Connect Framework.

Smart AI Connect is currently developing and piloting with selected companies key components of the AI edge deployment framework.

  • Model Deployment — Ability to deploy AI Models onto i-PRO cameras

  • Inference Publishing — Ability to push inference data (predictions from AI models on i-Pro cameras to data lakes).

  • Camera Inventory — Ability to load cameras details into web app and ability to view deployed AI models.

  • Network Topography — Cameras running on private network with or without a VMS

  • Model Library — AI model library, model cards, meta information on accuracy etc. and model history.
  • Model Monitoring — Monitoring dashboard with camera status, model operational status, inference stats and latest data output including runtime history.
  • Compliance — Comprehensive compliance logs of models deployed via our platform and also compliance logs of models deployed via i-PRO tools.

Need a feasibility report?

Smart AI Connect can provide you with a feasibility report of your required solution to understand your requirements.

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